Nov 18, 2013

Giant cabinet, what will you be?

I raided my basement this morning for items to be able to paint on.  I founds lots of canvases hidden deep in all the CRAP from our old house.  Seriously, the amount of boxes and stuff we haven't even gone through in our basement is embarrassing.  We've been moved in since March.  *sigh*

Anyway.  I found this cabinet front that I had completely forgotten I had purchased.  Sucker is HUGE.  Like 40 inches, over 3 feet huge.  Not really sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  I've had a lot of ideas pop into my head for them.  Right now, I'm picturing it above a headboard in a master bedroom.  Or maybe hung over a mantle.  Or maybe being the start of a gallery wall.  Or maybe I'm just picturing it in my own house and it would look really good somewhere else at your house ;-)

These are the two ideas I have it narrowed down to.  I'm not married to them, by any means.

I think this one ^ is my favorite.  I don't love the fonts yet, it's just the only ones I have in the computer program on my laptop for the moment.  I'm thinking either black or grey painted background and a very soft color for the wording like ivory.

I'm just kind of "meh" on both of these.  The cabinet is gigantic and I really want whatever wording I pick to be very impactful.  I don't want it to be a long quote.  Something short, simple, but makes you go "Oh my gosh. I LOVE that."



Matt Davis said...

I vote, 'Don't sweat petty things and don't pet sweaty things.' =D

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